Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?

During a shamanic reading, I can access the Akashic Records (also known as the "Book of Life"), the energetic storehouse of the past, present and potential futures for every soul that has lived on earth. Each person's Records are cared for by spirit entities who will make our Records available to us for healing and growth. 


We can query our Records to heal from the past (e.g.,Why do I continue to experience ....? ). We can also ask the Records for insights about the future (e.g., What would it look like if I ....? ). When we ask a question of the Records, they reveal what is most helpful to us at that time. Learning everything about our past or potential futures at one time would be overwhelming!


During some shamanic journeys, Spirit leads me to the Akashic Records for insights. I can also  intentionally journey to the Records on your behalf. 

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