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Are you unsure about the next step in your life journey? 

Do you desire a deeper connection with the source of love and truth (God, Spirit, the higher self, the Universe, etc.) for healing and spiritual growth?


In spiritual direction (or companionship), we focus on your spiritual journey to illuminate the next step on the path of growth and transformation.


If you wish to explore another way to connect with the spirit realm, I offer shamanic journeys in which we seek guidance and healing from spirit guides and the Akashic Records, the energetic storehouse of past, present and potential futures. Spirit will invite you and support you in deep inner work that leads to healing and growth.


It's often helpful to combine spiritual direction and shamanic guidance to help you interpret and integrate messages from Spirit into your everyday life.


Learn more about me in a brief video.

20+ years experience as a spiritual companion

Member Spiritual Directors International

Member Society for Shamanic Practice

PhD in Religious and Theological Studies

Author of Spirituality and Meaning Making in Chronic Illness:   How Spiritual Caregivers Can Help People Navigate

Long-term Health Conditions  (2020)


Request reduced-rate packages for seminary, chaplaincy, and faith program students. Sliding scale available for all clients as needed. 


What's the next step on your spiritual path?

We can meet in person, or by phone, Skype or Zoom, or email. My role is to help you explore your spirituality, connect to your source of truth, see patterns in the way your life is unfolding, and discover the next step on your spiritual journey. 


$100 for a 1-hour spiritual companionship session



What do your spirit guides want you to know?

I can seek guidance on your behalf from helping spirits and/or the Akashic Records. You may ask up to 3 questions or remain open to Spirit's wisdom. You will not be present for this experience: I provide you a written transcript of what I see, hear, and experience during this shamanic journey.

$100 for a 30-minute shamanic guidance session with transcript 



How can you work with
your spirit guides for growth and transformation?

A shamanic journey is like a dream, and we often need to interpret the messages we receive from the spirit world (words, images, symbols). It's helpful to talk about the shamanic guidance you receive and develop a plan to change patterns of thinking and behavior that no longer serve you.

$150 for a 30-minute shamanic guidance session with transcript + 1-hour spiritual companionship session

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