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Talks with Spirit

Have you had a transformative experience and want to make sense of it?

Do patterns of thinking or behavior hold you back from living as your best self?

Do you desire a deeper connection with your source of love and truth (Spirit, God, the Universe...)?

Do you seek spiritual healing from trauma and suffering in this life or in past lives?

Does your energy needs clearing or alignment?


In a 1-hour spiritual guidance session, we focus on your life, illuminating the next step on your path of healing, growth and transformation. Let me know if you would like to include distance Reiki energy healing in this session. 


If you wish to connect with your spirit support team for healing and guidance, I will 'journey' on your behalf to the spirit realm and provide a transcript of everything I see, hear, intuit and experience. 


Most people find it helpful to schedule a shamanic journey with a spiritual guidance session to help interpret messages you receive, integrate these amazing experiences, learn about ongoing energy healing practices, and address the work of spiritual healing that Spirit invites you to do in your everyday life.


Learn more about me 

20+ years experience as a spiritual guide (aka director)

PhD Religious & Theological Studies

Spiritual Directors International 

Society for Shamanic Practice

Usui Reiki Master

White Light Reiki Master


Author of Spirituality and Meaning Making in Chronic Illness:   How Spiritual Caregivers Can Help People Navigate

Long-term Health Conditions  (2020)

Request reduced rates for seminary, chaplaincy, and faith program students. Sliding scale available for all clients as needed. 

spiritual direction companion


What's the next step on your spiritual path?

We can meet by phone or Zoom to explore your spirituality, connect to your source of truth, see patterns in the way your life is unfolding, and discover the next steps on your life journey. 

 $100 for a 1-hour spiritual guidance session. I will work within your financial means, particularly for students in spiritual care, chaplaincy and spiritual growth programs (e.g., UU Wellspring). I prefer payment by Venmo (due when we meet).


Schedule a free 15-minute call or Zoom to determine if we're a good fit.

shaman spiritual guide


What do your spirit allies want you to know for your healing and growth?

When you request a shamanic reading, I journey on your behalf to connect with your spirit allies and offer Reiki energy healing to your spirit/energy body. Spirit's guidance for you may include wisdom from the Akashic Records (past lives). You can ask up to 3 questions or remain open to whatever Spirit wants to share. You will not be present for this experience.  I will journey for you within 72 hours of the time scheduled. I will email a written transcript of everything I experience during the journey, including direct messages for you from the spirit realm.

$100 for a 30-minute distance shamanic reading with transcript. 

spiritual direction shaman guidance


How can you work with
your spirit allies for growth and transformation?

A shamanic journey is like a dream, and we need to interpret the layered messages we receive from the spirit world (e.g., words, images, symbols). It's helpful to talk about the energy healing and guidance you receive so you can develop a plan to change patterns of thinking and behavior that do not serve you, and to help integrate Spirit's wisdom into your everyday life.

You will schedule time for our spiritual guidance session. I will complete a shamanic journey on your behalf 24-72 hours prior to that session and email a transcript for your review before we meet online.

$150 for a 30-minute shamanic reading with transcript + 1-hour spiritual guidance session.

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