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Learn how to connect directly with the spirit realm through core shamanic journeying.


1 Beginning Your Shamanic Healing Journey

2 Navigating the Spirit Realm

3 Building Relationships with Your Spirit Allies

4 Aligning Your Energy & Interpreting Symbolic Messages

5 Healing Across Time & Generations

Chapters 1-5 available now (pdf) for $10. Chapter 6 coming soon!

6 Integrating & Deepening Your Practice 

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spirituality meaning making book Kelly Arora

Explore chronic illness through two stories:

my journey with rheumatoid arthritis and Dorothy's journey in The Wizard of Oz


1 The Calm Before the Storm: Wellness in the Foreground

2 The Wicked Witch of the West: Illness & Meaning Making

3 The Yellow Brick Road: Losses & Grief on the Illness Journey

4 Scarecrow, Tin Man, & Lion: Spiritual Struggles & Spiritual Coping

5 The Wizard of Oz: Healers & Hope

6 Glinda & the Return to Kansas: Meaning Making & the New Normal

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