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Common Questions

Why don't healing and spiritual growth always feel good?

You’d think it would always feel wonderful to open ourselves to greater awareness, alignment, and flow. But sometimes healing and growth mean letting light shine on aspects of ourselves and our life experiences that we’ve carefully kept hidden in the dark because they’re too painful, shameful, distressing, or overwhelming.


Even though we wish healing and growth would happen effortlessly and instantaneously, real transformation often takes longer than we want, requires more work than we expect, and feels messier and scarier than we’d like.

Working with a spiritual guide helps us prune the branches and roots that no longer support who we are becoming. And spiritual guides help us nurture tender new growth through healthy beliefs, practices, behaviors, relationships, and meaning making. We’re with you in the light and in the dark. I'd be honored to support your transformation.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing occurs when we clear, clean, repair, realign, and/or strengthen elements of the energy body. Energy healing is temporary because we continually attract energy that is not ours or does not serve us. As a result, we develop blockages, stagnation, and disruptions in the flow of life force energy. The need for ongoing energy healing is simply part of being embodied. It’s neither bad nor good. We can facilitate our own energy healing through practices like self-Reiki, meditation, chanting, yoga, using crystals, and bathing in salt water, to name but a few. We can also receive energy healing from/through other people or spirit allies.

What is my energy body?

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What is spiritual healing?  

Spiritual healing is the process of clearing, repairing, realigning, and strengthening our relationships with ourselves, with other people, with the world, and with Spirit. This is the work of deeper and long-lasting healing. Spiritual healing addresses attitudes, behaviors, and choices we make in this lifetime or that we may have carried with us across time. At the spiritual level, we can also help heal ancestral and intergenerational patterns and suffering.

What is shamanic healing / shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic healing takes place during a shamanic journey (i.e., in the spirit realm). It may include both energy healing and spiritual healing. Shamanic healing is grounded in the belief that everyone and everything is an energetic emanation of Spirit, so all life is interconnected. Healing ourselves helps us contribute to healing in the broader web of life.

Shamanic Reiki is a form of shamanic healing in which Reiki (universal life force energy) is channeled from Spirit through a shamanic Reiki practitioner or spirit ally to heal the energy body. Reiki practitioners do not directly heal anyone; they transmit or channel Reiki for another person’s (or animal’s) ‘best and highest good, whatever that may be.’ This form of healing is passive in that the person’s energy body absorbs the flow of Reiki without effort on their part.


What are the Akashic Records?

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