Kelly combines gifts from all my previous spiritual directors—and adds more. I thrive on her deep listening, loving engagement, and targeted responses. What sets her apart is her shamanic readings. Through them, my life has turned around from lifelong baggage, contributing to significant increased mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Both scheduled visits and occasional email calls-for-help make Kelly accessible. She has become a forever friend.

~ P.K.

Learning how to heal myself and awaken to my true potential have been among the many benefits of shamanic healing. Working with Kelly has expanded my understanding that everything is energetic and that there is a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional interconnectedness we all share.


Kelly's ability to enter the spirit realms, interact with spirits guides and spirit animals, and channel messages has helped me gain thought-provoking insight and new perspectives about life’s challenges and life in general.  What I have learned has been transformative. Deep inner work has been essential to integrate messages received from Spirit into my everyday life.